The Best 5 Portable Hot Tub – Reviews

After a long hectic day of dealing with the constant clutter of papers and pens, buzzing phones, noisy colleagues and a nagging boss, chilling and relaxing in a hot tub in the evening feels like heaven. Unfortunately, it is impossible to get a regular non-portable Jacuzzi without breaking the bank as they often come with hefty price tags. Fortunately, if you are yearning for one badly but can’t afford it, we have good news for you as there are plenty of portable ones on the market nowadays. What is even better is that they are easy to maintain and install and can also be deflated. To add icing on the cake, we want to help you make an informed choice and buy one which you will live to love through our list of the best five portable hot tubs below.

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1. Intex pure spa 6-people inflatable portable hot tub

Intex pure spa 6-people inflatable portable hot tubDesign
The Intex pure spa is not only functional but also quite good looking. It comes in a navy-blue color and boasts a simple design which makes it easy to use. For instance, it has two headrests for added comfort and is built from high strength fibers which not only make it durable but also offers a comfortable surface for you and your friends to lean on. The outer surface is laminated with three layers of ply, so you don’t need to worry about it getting punctured. Since it is an inflatable Jacuzzi, storage is the last thing you need to worry about while getting it ready for use will take about 20 minutes. The touch button is also easy to access from inside the tub so you will not have to move to change anything as you can do so while inside. Thus, the design is made for ultimate comfort and durability.

Functional features
Six people capacity and high water volume
As part of the name suggests, the Intex pure spa comfortably holds six adults thus gives you and your loved ones an opportunity to bond as you enjoy the bliss and relaxation of heated water. It has quite a high-water capacity as it holds 290 gallons which is enough to cover your body up to the neck, so it feels like a real spa.

Hard water treatment system
When you but the Intex pure spa, you don’t need to worry about your skin getting clogged as this portable hot tub takes care of that thanks to its hard water filtration system which not only protects your skin but also ensures that the spa lasts long. The floating chlorine dispensers provide proper sanitation of the water. If you are easily affected by chlorine, then you don’t need to worry as the 3-way test strip allows you to keep track of chlorine levels and the pH of other elements so you can enjoy the moment without worrying about your skin.

Other features
        a)     170 high powered bubble jets for that spa-like experience
        b)     Two cartridges which are easy to replace
        c)     Easy to use control panel
        d)     1300W heater and a heating rate of up to 20 Fahrenheit per hour

There are many things we loved about the Intex Pure Spa. For instance, the high-powered bubble jets, six people capacity, insulated yet durable cover and extra accessories. Nevertheless, it takes quite long to heat, but that is the only flaw. Hence it is one of the best portable hot tubs which you should consider whenever you need to buy one. 


2. SaluSpa palm spring air jet inflatable hot tub

SaluSpa palm spring air jet inflatable hot tubDesign
The SaluSpa palm spring is one of the most popular portable hot tubs currently, and even though it’s not feature-packed, its simplicity, functionality and the affordable price is what people love about it. For instance, it can comfortably accommodate 4 to 6 people and boasts a cushioned floor for extra comfort. It does not need any tools to assemble, and even a single person can effortlessly inflate it. The control panel is on the side of the tub for easy access, and it has a tan color which makes it look simple yet stylish. It has an inbuilt filtration system to ensure your skin is safe and a chemical floater for sanitation purposes. Lastly, it is made of a 3-ply tri-tech material which is not only durable but also puncture-resistant.

One common problem with most portable hot tubs is that they take forever to heat. Fortunately, the SaluSpa Jacuzzi boasts a rapid heating system with a maximum heat of 1040 which is a perfect level for hot days. It holds about 242 gallons of water and has 120 heated air jets for massage and relaxation and comes with extra accessories such as a setup DVD to guide you, starter filter and a few others.

For its affordable price, this Jacuzzi packs features which are often in more expensive ones. Therefore, it gives value for your money and what is even better is that it offers enough room for 4 to 6 people and is easy to set up. Nevertheless, you cannot use the heater and bubbles at the same time as it is a 110V model. Fortunately, you can always heat the water in advance thanks to the inbuilt timer and then turn on the bubbles once you are inside.


3. Intex 85 in pure spa portable bubble spa set

Intex 85 in pure spa portable bubble spa setDesign
Intex has a reputation of bringing top-notch inflatable products to the market, and this one is no exception. It has a tan color and a seating capacity of 6 people. As we all know bigger dimensions in a hot tub mean more water and this one holds 290 gallons of water comfortably. It has 120 powerful bubble jets for the ultimate spa experience, and its outer cover is made of Fiber tech for utmost durability and also rigidity so you can lean or sit on the sides without worrying about damaging it. The control panel is easily accessible and puts you in total control as it has the on and off button for heating activation, the temperature adjustment button and also the water filter one. It has easy maintenance thanks to the chlorine dispenser which keeps it clean and removable cartridge.

Hard water treatment
One of the worries of most people when buying a portable Jacuzzi is sanitation. Because it holds six people, it’s easy for the water to get dirty. Fortunately, that is nothing to worry about as the chlorine dispenser takes care of that. The in-built hard water treatment system softens the water making it friendlier to your skin and hair and additionally creating a fun experience.

In a nutshell
Intex 85 in pure spa portable bubble spa set is not on our list for nothing as it packs a lot of functional features which you deserve to know. Everything from its design to its functionality makes it worth each shilling you spend on it. Unfortunately, it tends to lose heat faster which should not be a deal breaker since that is a common flaw among inflatable spas.


4. Coleman SaluSpa 6-person inflatable hot tub

Coleman SaluSpa 6-person inflatable hot tubDesign and main features
It is not easy to brush off and ignore this portable hot tub since its color alone is enough to attract and make you want to carry it home with you. It comes with an appealing jungle green and white color and screams durability even for someone who has never bought one before. For instance, its exterior is made of a fabric coated material which does not get punctured easily and additionally lets you sit on the edges while foot dipping or lean without any worries. Besides being inflatable, it also has two handles which add to its portability and is easy to maintain thanks to the two replaceable cartridges. You and five of your friends or family can fit in it, but for more comfort, it is advisable for four people. It also comes with an insulated cover which you can use to prevent the heat from escaping when you are not using it.

Other Features
The maximum temperature is 1040 F and an easy to access soft touch control panel. The floor is cushioned for extra comfort and boasts a built-in timer to control the heating system. Like most Coleman products, it ensures your skin safety thanks to the integrated filtration system which softens the water and a chemical floater to keep your water clean. It is easy to set up and even comes with a DVD manual for those who need help.

In a nutshell
This is one of the best portable hot tubs on the market currently. It not only looks appealing but also has features which will make your life more bearable. However, you might find the time it takes to reach the optimum temperature quite long, and the bubbles are not as high jet powered as the others on our list. Nevertheless, when you consider the other functional features and its affordable price, then it is definitely a must-have if you are in need of a Jacuzzi.


5. Coleman Saluspa 4-person portable hot tub

Coleman Saluspa 4-person portable hot tubDesign
Closing our list of 5 best portable hot tubs is the Coleman Saluspa 4-person Jacuzzi. As the name suggests, it is designed to suit for adults which means it’s the best way for you and your spouse and another couple to pass the time during those cold days, or for you and your spouse to relax after a long day. Like many of the inflatable Jacuzzis’ from Coleman, this portable hot tub uses high-quality fiber for durability purposes and to prevent it from being punctured and a robust I-Beam material which enables it to handle your weight whenever you sit on the sides foot dipping. 2 easy lift handles are part of the design for mobility purposes, and it is quite easy to access the soft touch control panel from inside the pool.

Other features
Digitally controlled
One thing which we loved about the Coleman 4 person Jacuzzi is that it is easy to operate and even set up thanks to the soft touch control panel. It is easy to inflate and get it up and running through the pump. It reaches a maximum temperature of 1040 and 60 air jets or bubbles for that soothing and pure bliss effect after a long tiring day or just when you feel you need relaxation. We could go on and on about Coleman 4-persons hot tub, but we chose to end this by letting you know that it is quite easy to maintain as the 2 replaceable filter cartridges automatically clean the spa water hence maintaining its quality and keeping your skin safe from bacteria and germs.

In a nutshell
If you are looking for a portable hot tub that is compact yet functional, then your search might as well end here because the Coleman 4-person tub fits the description. Judging from the features above it’s easy to tell that it is durable and its design is also quite sophisticated. It comes with a black color makes it even more suitable because it will not get dirty easily and lastly is easy to maintain and store.